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EclipseCon 2012 Volunteers

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Welcome to the EclipseCon 2012 volunteers page!

About EclipseCon 2012

We're excited about the changes to EclipseCon this year. We are in the new location on the East Coast, and are including two co-located conferences: the brand-new Agile ALM Connect, and OSGi DevCon 2012. The Hyatt Reston is a beautiful facility, and the entire venue is ours. And just a few minutes away is Washington, D.C. -- one of the best tourism areas in the world.

What will you be doing?

Our volunteers this year will be helping our tutorial presenters. We have 16 tutorials on Monday, in two sessions: 9am to noon, and 1pm to 4pm. After you are done helping with the afternoon tutorial, you are done! You'll be free to enjoy the rest of the conference, with our thanks.

After we assign your tutorials, we will put you in touch with the presenters so you can find out more about what you'll be doing for each session.

Which tutorial?

If you have signed up early for this, good for you! You'll have first choice on which tutorials you'll help with. Here's you to request the tutorials you want. We will try to give everyone at least one of their top choices, but naturally we aren't able to guarantee that.

  1. Review the scheduled tutorials on the tutorial schedule page.
  2. Send email to Anne Jacko with your top three choices for the morning, and your top three choices for the afternoon.
  3. Wait patiently to find out the results.

What's next?

We will contact you to tell you exactly where and when to be on Monday morning. Wayne Beaton from the Eclipse Foundation will be our volunteer wrangler, and will be meeting with you on Monday before the morning sessions and again before the afternoon sessions. Plan to start work about 8am on Monday and be done about 5pm.

Room share and ride share

Please use this page to communicate with one another if you like, especially to make plans to share hotel rooms or rides. If you plan on staying at the Hyatt, be sure to reserve your room early; we expect the hotel to sell out and staying there is the best way to get the full conference experience.

Room shares

Add your contact info here if you'd like to share a room.

Ride shares

Add your contact info here if you'd like to share a ride. (If you are flying into Dulles International Airport, the Hyatt has a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.)


If you have any questions or concerns before you arrive in Reston, please email Anne.


We appreciate your help and hope you will find the conference interesting, productive, and fun!

Anne Jacko
Eclipse Foundation
EclipseCon Operations Chair

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