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EclipseCon 2011 Taxi Shares

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If you're planning to attend EclipseCon 2011/OSGi DevCon and would like to share a taxi from the San Francisco airport (SFO), please enter your travel details here, or contact one of the attendees already listed. Please insert yourself chronologically, using the format on last year's page.

You may also want to benefit from this discount shuttle service: SuperShuttle, which offers a discount for TripIt users.

(This page is really for those using SFO; if you are flying into the San Jose airport (SJC), the Hyatt is a very short taxi or shuttle ride away. The Hyatt does not have its own shuttle service.)

Friday, March 18 Arrivals

  • Eike Stepper arrives at 1:30 p.m. (LH454)
  • Tom Schindl arrives at 8:15 p.m. (LH 458)
  • Achim Lörke arrives at 8:15 p.m. (LH 458), picks up Tom Schindl and has one more seat available in his rental.

Saturday, March 19 Arrivals

  • Gilles Iachelini arrives at 5:30h p.m. (SWISS (LX) - 38) : We have a Super Shuttle. Kerstin, Bernhard, Eike Stepper (+1) and I will use it. We have 4 more seats available.
  • Bernhard Merkle arrives at 5:30h p.m. (SWISS (LX) - 38)
  • Kerstin Simonsson arrives at 5:23 p.m. (UA 901)

Sunday, March 20 Arrivals

  • Mike Cacenco Arrive 1:00 PM (AC 757). I can use any shared ride available to Hyatt Santa Clara. Thanks.
  • Eric Cloninger Arrive 2:09 PM (UA 808). I'll have a rental, but I'm happy to give a lift anyone who arrives within the hour.
  • Benoit Viaud Arrive 2:50 PM (BA 0285)
  • Benjamin Muskalla Arrive 5:23 PM (UA 901). Will try to get a Cab or SuperShuttle in case nobody can give me a lift.
  • Sebastian Schmidt Arrive 5:25 PM (LH 9374)
  • Mustafa K. Isik Arrive 5:25 PM (LH 9374)

Thursday, March 24 Departures

Friday, March 25 Departures

Saturday, March 26 Departures

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