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Where: EclipseCon 2016

When: Tuesday and Wednesday, March 8-9.

The Hackathon area will be open from Tuesday immediately after lunch until the end of the day on Wednesday. It is available for committers and contributors to come and collaborate together as needed. We are hosting "office hours" in which specific individuals will be available to work on specific subject areas.

Candidate Fixes

If you're not sure what you want to work on, try one from this list of candidate bugs.

Office Hours

We have recruited several Eclipse Project committers and others to assist with office hours.

Eclipse Foundation staff are also on hand to assist with signing CLAs, understanding the development and IP process, and answer other questions regarding the Eclipse Foundation.


Time Project Committers Eclipse Foundation
13:30-14:05 Platform Olivier Provost Wayne Beaton


10:30-11:05 11:15-11:50 13:30-14:05 14:15-14:50 15:00-15:35 16:15-16:50 17:00-17:35

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