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Builing Collaborative Communities

Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation


Eclipse 4.0

Jochen Krause, Innoopract

Abstract: Eclipse has a history of moving with, if not setting, the trends. Looking forward we see the application landscape changing to one that includes web technologies, new user interface metaphors, ubiquitous multi-processors, distributed infrastructure and a new level of seamlessness users have yet to experience. You can already see the trends taking shape both inside and outside Eclipse. In this talk we outline some of the challenges and opportunities ahead, present some thoughts on how these shifts can be used to extend the reach of Eclipse and talk about how you can get involved.

Creating Platforms Using Eclipse Equinox

Jeff McAffer, Equinox Project Co-Leader and Code 9

Equinox provides a powerful modularity runtime for the Java platform which promotes strong modularity, versioning and dynamic management of applications. This is the basis for Eclipse RCP, Eclipse running on servers as well as the traditional Eclipse development environments. In this talk we introduce the technology and describe and demonstrate how building application platforms based on Equinox accelerates the introduction of new function and increases IT agility.

MODeX: A Model Oriented Architecture for Enterprise Data Integration

Ted Epstein, Morgan Stanley

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