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Eclipse4/RCP/EAS/Obtaining Services

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The services are set by the dependency injection framework when your objects gets instantiated (or explicitly injected).

Injection of objects

The services that should be injected can be marked by the @Inject annotation.


public class AccountsPart {
  private Logger logger;


public class AccountsPart {
  private Logger logger;
  void setLogger(Logger logger) {
    this.logger = logger;

Injection for method invocation

Here is an example of a handler's method being invoked by the framework with its parameters being provided through dependency injection.

public class ShowPartHandler {
  void execute(EPartService partService) {
    String partId = /* retrieve the desired id */;
    partService.showPart(partId, EPartService.PartState.ACTIVATE);

Service retrieval through the context

Services can also be retrieved from the IEclipseContext using its get(Class<T>) and get(String) methods.


EPartService partService = context.get(EPartService.class);


MPart part = (MPart) context.get(IServiceConstants.ACTIVE_PART);

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