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(Switch to single editor tab mode)
(Modifying your own style sheet)
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=== Switch to square tabs ===
Update the existing style:
=== Switching tab styles ===
The Classic theme  supports both 2.1 and 3.x style tabs.  You would edit the '''swt-simple''' property in your style sheet in ''.MPartStack''.  It depends on the '''swt-tab-renderer''' being set to ''null''.
and switch '''swt-simple''' from ''false'' to ''true''
= CSS implementation details =
= CSS implementation details =

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CSS in Eclipse 4.2

Some of the preferences from the General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts Preference page have been overridden by the CSS themes used in Eclipse 4.2.

The Eclipse SDK uses themes to group CSS style sheets for styling the workbench. They can be found in INSTALL/plugins/org.eclipse.platform_4.2.0.qualifier/css.

Editing the CSS in eclipse

You can use our light-weight CSS editor to modify your look and feel. Go to the E4 install site and install the E4 CSS editor (Incubation). After a restart, you can go to the General > Appearance Preference page and modify the CSS. Some changes require another restart to take effect, some are instantaneous.


Modifying your own style sheet

You can customize some of the new look and feel by editing the style sheet on the General > Appearance Preference page.

Removing customizations

Use the Restore Defaults button to remove any customizations you've added to the style sheets and reset it to what's currently in plugins/org.eclipse.platform.

Switch to single editor tab mode

You can switch to single editor tab mode by adding the following CSS

#org-eclipse-ui-editorss CTabFolder.MPartStack {
    swt-single: true;

Switching tab styles

The Classic theme supports both 2.1 and 3.x style tabs. You would edit the swt-simple property in your style sheet in .MPartStack. It depends on the swt-tab-renderer being set to null.

CSS implementation details

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