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Eclipse/Release checklist

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This checklist is used by the Eclipse top-level project in preparing its releases.

  1. Copyright notices
    • All features should have "(c) Copyright Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2018. All rights reserved." in Help > About Eclipse SDK
    • Splash screen copyright needs to be updated
  2. Plug-in and feature identification
    • Check the info in Help > About Eclipse SDK
    • All features should have provider "" and a version that adheres to the Versioning guidelines
    • All plug-ins should have provider "" and version Versioning guidelines, except for known special cases (org.apache.*, org.junit, and bundles from Orbit).
  3. License agreements for features and plug-ins
    • Help > About Eclipse SDK > {Feature | Plug-in} Details > More Info
    • All features should link to the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement dated February 1, 2011
    • All plug-ins should link to the plug-in's about.html file containing its plug-in-specific license
  4. Extension point documentation
    • Extension points must be documented in the appropriate help book
      • Platform Plug-in Developer Guide; section Reference / Extension Points Reference
      • JDT Plug-in Developer Guide; section Reference / Extension Points Reference
      • PDE Guide; section Reference / Extension Points Reference
    • Must be a link to each extension point that a component has
    • Extension points added in this release must be clearly marked "Since x.y" where x.y is the project release number
    • See also ISV doc checklist
  5. API documentation
    • Java API must be documented in the appropriate help book
      • Platform Plug-in Developer Guide; section Reference / API Reference
      • JDT Plug-in Developer Guide; section Reference / API Reference
      • PDE Guide; section Reference / API Reference
    • Must be a link to each API package that a component has
    • API package must have package overview (package.html)
    • All API elements must be documented
    • API elements added in this release must be tagged "@since x.y" where x.y is the bundle version number
    • See also ISV doc checklist and code checklist
    • Run SWT Javadoc bash tool to have consistent API javadoc across platforms
  6. User Documentation
    • Update the Tips & Tricks document
      • Go through the N&N documents for Platform, JDT and PDE and identify tips for each of the components
      • Add the tips to the appropriate sections for each of the components
      • Remove the new.png image from the entries from the previous release (search for image tags with "images/new.png")
      • Add the new.png image to the new entries for the current release (add image tag with "images/new.png")
      • See bug 538624 for details of the files to be updated.
    • See User doc checklist for more items
  7. API Compatibility
    • Make sure that the 'API Tools Version Verification Report' lists no compatibility and no bundle version warning for your bundles
    • Verify that the 'API Tools Post-API Freeze Report' has no entries
  8. Plug-in Migration Guide
    • Instructions for migrating older plug-ins to current release
    • Must describe incompatibilities and breaking API changes
    • Should describe deprecations and places where current release has a better story that plug-ins should more to
    • Located in Platform Plug-in Developer Guide / Porting Guide
    • Remove old migration guide if necessary (we generally keep three years of migration guides available in each release)
    • The Migration documents need to be created for both Platform and Jdt.See bug 537923 for details.
    • The Table Of Content entries also need to be created for these documents. See bug 538766 for details.
  9. What's New
    • Describes the more interesting differences that users will see when they upgrade to the latest release
    • Located in {Workbench | Java Development | PDE} User Guide / What's new
    • These items also go to the New & Noteworthy page of the corresponding release.
    • Add newly added quick assists and quick fixes to documentation. See bug 534908.
  10. Make sure all bugs with patches have the iplog+ flag set
  11. Submit the IP Log to Eclipse Legal
  12. Eclipse Project Release Notes
    • Add known problems for each component and other late-breaking news for customers of this release.
    • See bug 538337 for details.
    • Clone
    • Add a new file for read me for the Eclipse release version (ex readme_eclipse_4.9.html and readme_eclipse_4.9.php) under the development Project.
    • Update sections of readme based on current release plan.
    • The new read me file (ex readme_eclipse_4.9.html) should be copied to eclipse.platform.releng/features/org.eclipse.rcp/rootfiles/readme/readme_eclipse.html.
  13. Acknowledgments
    • Each component can thank its contributors on the acknowledgments page. See bug 538336 for details. To get the list of contributors the following script can be used
    • !/bin/bash
      # Allows to extract a list of contributors for the Eclipse platform repos
      # Run from directory which contains all the repos listed below
      function addContributorsFromRepo {
          cd $1
          echo "Working on $1"
          git checkout master
          git pull
          git log R4_9..master --pretty=format:"%an" | sort -u  >>  ../contributors.txt
          cd ..
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.ui
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.text
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.releng
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.swt
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.swt.binaries
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.debug
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.resources
      addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.platform.runtime
      addContributorsFromRepo .
      #addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.jdt
      #addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.jdt.core
      #addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.jdt.core.binaries
      #addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.jdt.debug
      #addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.jdt.ui
      #addContributorsFromRepo eclipse.pde.ui
      #addContributorsFromRepo rt.equinox.binaries
      #addContributorsFromRepo rt.equinox.bundles
      #addContributorsFromRepo rt.equinox.framework
      #addContributorsFromRepo rt.equinox.p2
      sort -u  contributors.txt -o contributors1.txt
  14. Source builds
    • Verify that source builds compile and work on all reference platforms.
  15. Verify that source is included in all SDK features
  16. Test updating from update site to platform runtime to other eclipse SDK and runtime features on reference platforms and assorted VMs
  17. Test the version of PDE build in basebuilder to ensure there aren't any errors
  18. Produce the release review documentation

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