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(Meeting Minutes)
(Meeting Minutes)
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= Meeting Minutes =
= Meeting Minutes =
'''April 4, 2012:''' - McQ, Dani, Martin
'''April 4, 2012:''' - McQ, Dani, Martin, Andrew
* Dani: '''VM Requirements''' - Help no longer works on Java 5, this surprised some people... but Project Plan talks about a Java 6 req now
* Dani: '''VM Requirements''' - Help no longer works on Java 5, this surprised some people... but Project Plan talks about a Java 6 req now
** Martin suggestion: on the "Required JVM" table in the Project Plan, add a 2nd column with closure of BREE including all pre-reqs (continue having 1st column the BREE of the bundle itself auto-generated)
** Martin suggestion: on the "Required JVM" table in the Project Plan, add a 2nd column with closure of BREE including all pre-reqs (continue having 1st column the BREE of the bundle itself auto-generated)

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Some documents written and/or used by the PMC:

Meeting Schedule

The Eclipse Project PMC has a weekly phone meeting every wednesday at 10.30am EST.

Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2012: - McQ, Dani, Martin, Andrew

  • Dani: VM Requirements - Help no longer works on Java 5, this surprised some people... but Project Plan talks about a Java 6 req now
    • Martin suggestion: on the "Required JVM" table in the Project Plan, add a 2nd column with closure of BREE including all pre-reqs (continue having 1st column the BREE of the bundle itself auto-generated)
  • Dani: Jeff still mentioned as PMC member
    • AI Dani send E-Mail
  • Martin: Concern about Platform Quality - eg SWT Redraws on 3.7.x - Old-time committers moving away
    • McQ: Platform team's focus will continue being maintenance, and new Platform support ... team's capacity is going down, but SWT is not affected mosted
    • Martin: Code contributions are easy, hi-quality triage and review are harder
    • Martin: Re-think the idea of having committers paid by the Foundation and Member Companies paying their share
      • Example: Why would Pascal review p2 in his sparetime ... but if he gets paid per bug his experience can be extremely valuable
      • Be more creative on resourcing side
    • McQ: In favor of putting more structure in place similar to LTS ("hire people for fixes") ... just continue with LTS ?
      • IBM will have a need for fixes for at least another 8 years .. but that's a very self-serving focus
    • Ok green.gif AI Martin send E-Mail to Mike to keep the ball rolling
  • Dani: bug 375292 Reference to Marketplace in the SDK
    • Martin: "Classic" is a Building Block but "Packages" are for end users
    • McQ: The purity of the SDK in itself isn't relevant
      • Martin: Why not just create a new package "Classic" which is at +3 and pulls in egit + marketplace ... the process for building is all in place, may just need a package reviewer
      • Ok green.gif AI Martin mail Markus

March 21, 2012: - McQ, Dani, Andrew, Martin

  • McQ Oracle Java on Mac
  • Dani denyNonFastForward
  • McQ JDT Team might see some losses
  • Andrew Running OpenJDK tests now on ARM :)

March 14, 2012: - McQ, Andrew, Dani, John

  • Losing Eclipse project release engineer next week
  • David Williams is stepping in to help with our builds until Juno
  • Most immediate issue is that our build needs elevated privileges to tag, sign, and promote builds
    • kmoir was the only committer with sufficient privileges
    • We either need to give another committer sufficient rights, or give build user access it needs
    • Could use hooks to ensure build user isn't doing anything other than tagging
    • All agreed the build user approach was the best option. John to open bug against foundation to carry it out

March 7, 2012: - McQ, Andrew, Martin, John

  • John: API Deletions bug 370248 - PMC agrees.
  • McQ: Common Build Infrastructure at the Foundation
    • Shipping Platform Juno bits built by PDE ... but Foundation wants EPP packages built by Tycho; Platform can't support this
      • Reason might be that 4.2 is planned to be the start of LTS and VLTS .. ok for now if LTS bits are different since not publicly available
      • Plus, LTS really starts after Juno SR2 ... Platform might be in a better position for Tycho by then
      • In Linux, Fedora also builds by themselves ... but assumption is that people come to Fedora support first
    • Martin, Andrew really concerned about fragmentation and duplication of effort ... eg what if the qualifiers don't match
    • Should be treated as proof of concept but not publicly available until Juno SR2, in order to avoid fragmentation !

February 29, 2012: - Dani, McQ, John, Martin, Andrew

  • John: Orion team received a box full of Black Ducks to honour their Black Duck Rookie of the Year award
  • Dani: Gerrit Move
    • John: Important information needs to stay in Bugzilla ... don't pull from outside git exclusively
  • Andrew: Platform Defect Contest
    • McQ concern: Lots of duplicate bugs would take focus away from the team
    • Martin: Could encourage triage as part of the contest, and only count good/new bugs
    • John: Some low-hanging fruit bugs in Platform UI but not necessarily in 4.x ("helpwanted")
    • John: Re-introduce the "greatbug" keyword ?
      • A greatbug is relevant, new, good description that helps understanding/finding the issue; ideally with a patch.
      • Resolution: AI John send note to Mike
  • John: PDE API Moved
    • Some internal, provisional API was migrated to full API in this release
    • Someone from SAP (Dimitar Giormov) Asked adding back the provisional API such that they could support 2 versions of Eclipse with one codebase
    • McQ: Would have helped them 4 years ago .. but at the moment don't have enough people
      • McQ: Question how pervasive their use of the old API is ... how much Reflection would they need to put int
      • One resolution could be OK but only if they provide all the patches
    • This kind of duplication is error prone and adds a maintenance burden on the project

February 22, 2012: - Dani, McQ, John, Andrew

  • Repeat of PDE build discussion from last week. We decided to nominate John Arthorne as a committer so we at least have someone to accept community patches. We will revisit after Juno and perhaps do a larger restructuring
  • Communication with eGit: We have written some patches for eGit that have been growing stale. Dani will review the patches, and then send an email to eGit lead asking if there is a particular reason for not accepting them. If there is no problem with the patches we will track down an eGit committer to release them.
  • Andrew asked about process for approving CQs:
    • Any PMC member can feel free to approve CQs
    • New versions of existing third party libraries are a no-brainer, typically just +1 right away
    • For new third party libraries we may need a PMC discussion about why the library is needed, what feature it will live in, etc
    • For code contributions just make sure the legal process has been followed and then +1. We generally trust the judgement of the committer who will process the contribution.

February 15, 2012: - Dani, McQ, John

  • Some discussion of what to do with PDE Build, which lacks committers. PDE as a whole has barely enough committers to be a functioning project, so maybe we should be looking at a larger restructuring after

Juno rather than one piece at a time. We lacked quorum to make a decision so we will defer discussion to another week.

February 8, 2012: - Dani, Martin, Andrew, McQ

  • Andrew: Eclipse stand at FOSDEM in Brussles
    • Lots of people just dropped by to say hi and thanks
    • Mike Milinkovich was showing off Orion; Gunnar and Andrew did others (Web, EclipseRT, C/C++)
  • McQ: 4.2 Quality ... current list of defects looks manageable to tick all off .. any messaging we want to do ?

February 1, 2012: - Dani, Martin, John

  • Dani: No UA Committers any more - move UA under Platform UI such that at least somebody can apply patches
    • AI John check with Wayne ... UA is a subcomponent now, may not even need a move review.
  • Dani: bug 343150 git DenyNonFastForward
    • Orion could eventually add tooling to support easy workflows in spite of deny on the repo ... but not in this release
    • Ping on the bug again and proceed
  • John: Decide when to switch 4.2 builds from re-using 3.x binary bundles vs full 4.x builds
    • Today, the 4.x testsuite just tests 4.x specific stuff; things like JDT tests just run against 3.8 today
    • Today, cannot generate Javadocs in 4.x today sine it needs the full source
    • Today, nightlies are running 3.x only (could change to running 4.x nightlies only)
    • Today, 3.x builds run at IBM and 4.x builds run at
    • Only few test failures left in the 4.x builds --> ready to switch
    • AI: Kim to send 4.x test results to the mailing list, consider switching right after M5
    • Performance Tests: Not yet run on 4.x yet - should be able to run on Denis' vserver
      • IBM is going to lose the physical machines for performance tests in 2 weeks ! (Going to migrate to vserver too!)
      • Need a new baseline
    • Andrew: at FOSSLC in Brussels this week, going to represent Eclipse with Mike Milinkovich, Gunnar Wagenknecht and others
  • Gerrit: Platform won't jump in as an early adopter this time, wait for other projects first
    • Not all Platform Unittests can run on Hudson today (need at least some fingerprint tests to get value from Gerrit)

January 25, 2012: - McQ, John, Martin, Andrew, Dani

  • McQ: Note about 4.2 on Release Train
  • Andrew: Eclipse 4.2 for Fedora - Feature note written for Eclipse Juno led to some discussion at Eng.Steering Committee, but finally approved
  • Dani: Team down by 1 but no impact (Dani is going to take over responsibilities)
  • John: Build Failures in UA, Update, PDE, p2 yesterday after the move to Java 7... nobody watching these, need to find caretakers
    • UA tests often fail due to a link validity checker, these can be caused by anyone
    • Certificate Validity issue (Jar signing)

January 18, 2012: - McQ, John, Martin, Andrew, Dani

  • McQ: 4.2 quality and next steps
    • More resources found to enable 4.2 as the LTS base - encouraging, although some items still missing
    • Fedora 17 think about shipping 4.2m6 (work ongoing) - that would be a large stack on top of 4.2
    • John: Oracle Java 7 as Reference Platform now that the most severe issues are fixed (Java 6 EOL is June 2012 !) - that is Oracle, not OpenJDK
      • Not remove Java 6 for now
      • Fedora also does all tests on 7

January 11, 2012: - McQ, John, Dani, Martin, Andrew

  • McQ: State of Presentation API's
    • Different API's in 4.2 and 3.x -- will need to deprecate API in 3.x
    • Christian suggested deleting API that's not implemented in 4.x to get compile errors ... John thinks that binary compatibility is more important
      • Plugins will be "mostly OK", presentation API is cosmetic anyways
    • McQ: get in touch with clients who use presentation API, telling them what's best to do ... often newer 4.x infrastructure is much better than trying to keep 3.x around forever
  • Andrew: Cairo and GTK3
  • John: 4.2 compiling now
  • Martin: Updated JSch-0.1.44 version - how to announce properly
    • AI Martin Announce on eclipse-dev and cross-project
    • Should also put into migrtion notes and README

January 4, 2012: - McQ, Dani, Martin, Andrew

  • McQ: Pascal's note about p2 leadership .. not sure who could step in and make a commitment (may see the same fate as UA)
    • Tom Watson looking for candidates, but looks like none in McQ's team


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