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(Meeting Minutes)
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= Meeting Minutes =
= Meeting Minutes =
'''January 19, 2022''' - Alex, Tom, Jay, Lars, McQ
* Eclipse aggregator build is currently migrated to Github
* Github migration work of the aggregator is documented in
* The most important PGP work items are done with the help of Ed Merks, some secondary issues are still missing, e.g. such features are shown as unsigned
* JFR Event are discussed in, PMC members should check so that we can discuss it next week
'''January 12, 2022''' - Alex, Tom, Jay, McQ
'''January 12, 2022''' - Alex, Tom, Jay, McQ

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Some documents written and/or used by the PMC:

Meeting Schedule

The Eclipse Project PMC has a weekly phone meeting every Tuesday at 11.00am EST.

Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2022 - Alex, Tom, Jay, Lars, McQ

January 12, 2022 - Alex, Tom, Jay, McQ

  • Move to PGP signed content news to IDE WG and Planning Council
    • Well received so far
    • 2022-03 to has the implementation, 2022-06 to do full switch
    • we use PGP for content not delivered to Simrel
    • Ed helps with implementation/bug fixes
    • only concern is critical CVE - that would require either help or PGP signed content being pushed to 2022-03
      • To be further discussed if such an issue happens
  • ECF relation
    • Project is heavily under resourced
    • No one knows good reason to still be using Apache Httpclient, Java HttpClient is not tried out and the previous JVM Http code had severe limitations
    • Development falling out on Platform releng for updates to Apache Httpclient, Windows proxy support and etc. is a no-go
    • Possible plan
      • Create Java Httpclient based connector for ECF or enhance the current default one to use Httpclient and not Httpconnection - removes need to update Apache Httpclient dependency, take care of windows specific bundles with JNA dependency and so on
      • If previous doesn't uncover limitation in Java's Httpclient stop shipping Apache Httpclient connector
      • Assuming 2 previous complete - look if it makes sense to not have ECF as a dependency at all to skip one cyclic dependency


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