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ETrice/Test of Release Candidate

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This is the final user acceptance test that has to be executed before each eTrice release. At this point most testing has already be done by the Continuous Integration process, including generating and executing the tutorial projects. The focus here is on the things the test automation can not detect.

Installation Test

  1. Test Drag & Drop install
  2. delete workspace and eclipse version
  3. Test the installation again with the update site

Test Tutorial Project in C

  • Create a project
  • filter for etrice
  • eTrice C Tutorials
  • Explorer must contain 3 Projects:
    • org.eclipse.etrice.modellib.c
    • org.eclipse.etrice.runtime.c
    • org.eclipse.etrice.tutorials.c
  • run from lauch configurations
    • generate_HelloWorldC
    • run_CurrentTutorial_WindowsMinGW
  • console should contain log:
 INFO:    ***   T H E   B E G I N   ***
 INFO:    node_subSystemRef_init
 ### Hello World! ###
 INFO:    node_subSystemRef_start
 type quit to exit
  • type quit in console and verify shutdown of program
 INFO:    node_subSystemRef_stop
 INFO:    node_subSystemRef_destroy
 INFO:    ***   T H E   E N D   ***
  • check generated msc in log/msc.seq
  • generate, run and verify generate_PingPongC the same way

Test Examples Project in C

  • create new project with the wizzard (new -> project -> eTrice C Examples)
  • Step 1: generate, run, quit, check MSC
  • Step 2: start one traffic light simulator GUI (run_simulator_1_block), generate, run, click request in GUI, check MSC
  • Step 3: start one traffic light simulator GUI (run_simulator_2_blocks), generate, run, click requests in GUI, check MSC
  • Step 4: start one traffic light simulator GUI (run_simulator_2_blocks), generate, run, click requests in GUI, check MSC

Test Java and C++ Versions

Run Ping Pong Tutorial from Template Project in C

Objectives: check tutorial documentation, test usability, test all graphical and textual editors

  • run and veify tutorial as decribed in "Tutorial Ping Pong Java, C and C++" in Documentation

Further Checks

  • make sure the Eclipse Help is working
  • test hover help: for a couple of elements in Text Editor, e.g. ActorClass, ProtocolClass, ...


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