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ETrice/Presentations/ETrice at Eclipse Demo Camp Munich November 2010

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Topic: The eTrice Real-Time Modeling Project: Introduction and Demo

Presenter: Henrik is a partner at the Protos Software GmbH located in Munich, Germany. For more than ten years he is building high quality modeling tools. He has five years of experience with Eclipse with a strong focus on RCP and modeling. At the EclipseCon 2005 together with others he served as a catalyst for the creation of the GMF project. Application areas of his projects range from embedded over automotive and tool chain validation through network control and monitoring.

Company: Protos Software GmbH

Type: Short presentation

Description: The proposed Eclipse project called eTrice is introduced. The basic concepts of the ROOM modeling language (Real-Time Object Oriented Modeling, Bran Selic et al.) will be explained. The tooling, based on eclipse modeling projects like Xtext, EMF, Xpand and Graphiti, will be demonstrated to show the current status of the project.

Project URL: not yet available (provisioning not yet finished)


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