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Generic Action Code Language (GACL)

GACL is the language to describe the Detail Code for execution of ROOM Models in eTrice plugin . GACL aims at dealing with all features commonly available in imperative languages , especially Java , C/C++ . It will act as complement of current version of eTrice which uses code written in target language stored in a string as execution code . GACL would make user able to write execution code independent of target language .

Development Details and Core Information

Features of GACL

  • Variable Declarations ( with optional initializers ) and Function Declaration .
  • Comparison & arithmetic expressions .
  • Basic types , and user defined types .
  • If-else blocks and ladders .
  • For , while , for each , enhanched for each .
  • Support for iterators (that can be used by for each loops ) .
  • Function Calls with arguments & diff types i.e. ref/value/address .
  • type checking and as much as possible implicit type casting .
  • Casts corresponding to static casts in C .

Project Proposal

Click Here to see the project proposal at gsoc's website .

Click Here to see the project proposal in my github repository .

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