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* complete online version of the ProGIT book:
* complete online version of the ProGIT book:
* download git:
* download git:
** e.g. for Windows: Git-
** Line Endings:
*** Windows: check out Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings
*** Linux: Checkout as is, commit Unix-style line endings
* install EGit (update site):
* install EGit (update site):

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Getting Started

GIT at Eclipse

Clone eTrice Repository


IMPORTANT: execute in shell or git shell:

  • git config --global <your email address>
  • git config --global "<your user name>"

pull/push (only for committers)

  • ssh: git clone ssh://<dein commiter name>
  • https: git clone https://<dein commiter name>

only pull

Use EGit

  • create empty workspace
  • open view "Git Repositories" or perspective "Git Repository Exploring"
  • add repository path of your local git repository you cloned before
  • contextmenu on repository: "Import Projects..."
  • Next >
  • Select All + Finish

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