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m (Release Time Line)
(use Maven to retrieve dependencies)
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* week -3
* week -3
** [ check for potential bundles without CQ (deprecated)]
** retrieve all project dependencies using Maven: <code>mvn dependency:tree > dependency_tree.txt</code>
** manually check for missing CQs
** submit [ IP log]for approval
** submit [ IP log]for approval
** [ check for potential bundles without CQ]
* week -2
* week -2
** prepare review documentation
** prepare review documentation

Revision as of 09:33, 3 August 2018

Release Check List

Release Time Line

  • week -3
  • week -2
    • prepare review documentation
      • you have to log on as a committer
      • then go to [1]
      • press Edit
      • and change to the Review Documentation tab
    • send a link to the review documentation to the modeling-pmc mailing list
    • wait for +1 of pmc
    • forward it to emo
  • week -0
    • replace all version strings (using e.g. Notepad++ because not all files are in the Workspace)
        • for dependencies in manifests search regex org\.eclipse\.etrice(.*)"1.1.1" and replace with org.eclipse.etrice\1"1.1.2"
      • feature.xml
      • category.xml
      • pom.xml
    • iterate
    • start a build with site signing checked and release version (e.g. 0.3.0) and build type R
    • final Test of Release Candidate
    • log in to the eclipse server (PuTTY <user> - you will be logged out after first login. Wait for automatic confirmation mail and reply. Then login again.)
    • copy the nightly build to updates and archives
    • edit the eTrice web page (available from Git)
      • add the release to /etrice/pages/_download.html
      • add a note to /etrice/pages/_index.html
      • remove the old contents of /etrice/documentation/doc
      • copy the current HTML contents including images to this doc folder
    • push the eTrice web site
    • check the availability of the documentation
    • tag the release
    • adjust the release date of the current release
    • announce the release on etrice-dev
    • check web site contents (look for comments with ReleaseCheck)
      • index: marketplace, current Eclipse Installation
      • download: check the links, check versions, current release (first heading), market place
    • update eTrice market place
    • update (download link)

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