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Switching the development platform to Kepler

Previously eTrice was developed against Juno. Now we switched to Kepler.

  • download the modeling package of the new platform download
  • install following packages:
    • from Kepler update site:
      • Xtext (includes Xtend automatically)
      • Graphiti
      • C/C++ Development Tools and C/C++ Development Tools SDK
    • from Google Guava update site: (Guava -
      • Google Guava: the old version 8.0 (needed by KIELER) - to see old versions, uncheck "See only the latest version ..." - information: another version has already been installed as a dependency of Xtext
    • from eTrice KIELER update site: ( KIELER for eTrice
      • KIELER: KIELER Layout - uncheck "Group items by category" - install Graphviz Support (both) and KIELER Layout for Graphiti (both) - information: plugin and source have the same name
    • Buckminster (only as editor for resource map and component specifications needed)
  • make adjustments where necessary (e.g. API has changed)
  • let ETRICE_TARGET_PLATFORM point to new platform
  • check the versions in make.xml, target convert of runtime.c.tests
  • check the versions in make.xml, targets generate and convert of and generator.c.tests
  • adjust the Buckminster resource map /org.eclipse.etrice.releng/build.rmap
  • launch and check the Hudson build

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