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(Oomph eTrice Setup)
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TODO: add eTrice to official Eclipse catalog
TODO: add eTrice to official Eclipse catalog
= Deriving from an Existing Generator =
There is a minimal example that shows how a generator can be derived from the existing eTrice Java generator.
The example shows how the derived DetailCodeTranslator handles an additional tag.
The example consist of two plugins:
* examples/my.etrice.generator
* examples/my.etrice.generator.launch
You will find the examples in the eTrice GIT repository:
The first one overrides the Java generator, the second one overrides the Java launch configuration to launch the derived generator.
Please have a look at the comments marked with ''EXAMPLE:'' (you can add that as a Java task tag in the preferences and use the Tasks View to locate these comments).

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Oomph eTrice Setup

1. Download and run Oomph installer in Advanced Mode

ETrice oomph advancedMode.png

2. Select desired Eclipse product + version, e.g. product Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committer and version from build config in git: Tycho/Maven pom.xml

3. Optional for commiters: set your git ssh key

ETrice oomph etrice ssh.png

4. Download the eTrice setup file ETrice.setup and add & select it in the oomph catalog

ETrice oomph eTriceSetup.png

6. Configure your personal installation

ETrice oomph etriceConfig.png

TODO: add eTrice to official Eclipse catalog

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