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ESON - EMF Simple Object Notation


ESON is a textual syntax for EMF models; like XMI is a XML-based syntax, ESON is a more human readable notation. It complements Xcore, which as a textual syntax for Ecore can define your EClass & Co.while ESON can represent their instances.

ESON is implemented based on Xtext, and *.eson files are thus truly textual representations; for example, changes made to your EObject are applied incrementally and preserve comments in or the formatting of the text. Crucially, users of ESON do *NOT* require any Xtext know-how or code generation for their Ecore models, because ESON is a fully dynamic.

How to use


Install it from

ESON Editor UI

Double clicking on the background in source on the left, or the tree on the right, maximizes, and hides the respective other part, double clicking it again restores the default split sash view.


How to contribute

Src: ("Pull Requests" via Gerrit more than welcome!)

The Eclipse Installer (based on Oomph) is great to get it all set up.

Further Documentation

Doc with linked demo videos:

TBD Transfer, and update, old documentation from

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