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ESON - EMF Simple Object Notation


ESON is a textual syntax for EMF models; like XMI is a XML-based syntax, ESON is a more human readable notation. It complements Xcore, which as a textual syntax for Ecore can define your EClass & Co.while ESON can represent their instances.

ESON is implemented based on Xtext, and *.eson files are thus truly textual representations; for example, changes made to your EObject are applied incrementally and preserve comments in or the formatting of the text. Crucially, users of ESON do *NOT* require any Xtext know-how or code generation for their Ecore models, because ESON is a fully dynamic.

How to use


Install it from

ESON Editor UI


How to contribute

Src: ("Pull Requests" via Gerrit more than welcome!)

The Eclipse Installer (based on Oomph) is great to get it all set up.

Further Documentation

Doc with linked demo videos:

TBD Transfer, and update, old documentation from

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