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This page documents the "eppmodel.xml" file format used for xml repository generation. (For a sample configuration, please refer to This file references IUs in a metadata repository (i.e content.xml).


The xml tag structure is as follows. The number in parentheses after the element names denote how many times this element should occur within the parent element.


This is the root element of the xml file.


This element is just a container for screen elements


This element represents on screen page in the wizard dialog.

Displayed label for this wizard screen, also shown in navigation bar


A group within a wizard screen. These elements group a set of features together, which can be selected together by selecting the group. The group is usuallay displayed collapsed (i.e. features are not shown) but can be expanded to show all contained features, which can then be individually selected.

Displayed label for this group, displayed on the wizard screen
Alias for this group, diplayed in the selection view to the right
name of the icon to display for this group, this file should be in the same folder as the eppmodel.xml


Information text for a group. The text element contained in this element is the description displayed with the group.


Reference to one of the IUs defined in the metadata repository configured by epp.metadata.

id attribute value of the referenced IU
caption shown in the "My selection" view

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