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EPP/Obsolete/Wizard/External Service Provider Demo

This page discusses the sample implementation of an external service provider for the EPP Wizard (Eclipse Dynamic Download)


The sample external service integration project illustrates how external service providers can use the information handed over by the the EPP Wizard. The project is available in CVS as org.eclipse.epp.wizard.extintegration.demo (CVS). This demo simply appends the SpringIDE to the set of IUs (i.e. components) to be installed and adds the SpringIDE Update Site (which happens to be P2-enabled) to the list of P2 repositories. The user can now download a special installer with this augmented installer configuration. This installer will then install the components selected by the user in the wizard in addition to the SpringIDE.

External service provider configuration

The configuration as discussed in EPP/Obsolete/Wizard/Outgoing_links

label=Sample service provider (SpringIDE)
description=Demo only!!! Demo service adding the SpringIDE to the download. Not for user consumption!

Appending components

The SpringIDE components are added by simply appending the respective strings to the relevant parameters in

   // --- Append Spring IDE information
   // Add new root ui
   roots += ","+"";
   // Add corresponding p2 repository urls
   metadata += ","+"";
   artifacts += ","+"";

This is probably the simplest way to enhance and add value to a component selection. More refined ways like using P2 to obtain more information about the selected components are definitely possible.

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