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EPP/Obsolete/Version Proposal

Revision as of 05:20, 29 April 2016 by (Talk | contribs) (Proposals)

The Eclipse simultaneous release uses a name based scheme for each new train. While it's great to have a name for a train, the major concern is that it's not easy for people to identify "what is current".


We would like to change it!


Train Names Year Simplified Year Year.Month
continue to use for planning and train purposes the year of the train, add counters as necessary simplified year of the train (2-digits only), counter always added, starting with 0 year.month of the actual release (similar to what Ubuntu does)
Neon 2016 16.0 2016.06
Neon.1 2016.1 16.1 2016.10
Neon.2 2016.2 16.2 2017.02
Oxygen 2017 17.0 2017.06
Oxygen.1 2017 17.1 2017.10
Oxygen.2 2017 17.2 2018.02

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