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EPP/Obsolete/Packaging Site

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Note: The contents of this page is obsolete, but it may still contain some interesting tid-bits. The content has been moved to the project's file.


New Information in the EPP Configuration File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <!-- Package Description information to be picked up by -->
 <!-- PackageName is the title of your package 
      maintainer is the project or persons that are maintaining the package
      iconurl is the fully qualified URL to the icon you wish to use on the site (48x48)
      bugzillaComponentID is used to gather bugzilla information about your package.  
         This should be given to you after provisioning of the package is finished
      testPlan is the fully qualified URL to the test plan for this package
   packageName="Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers"
   maintainer="Eclipse Packaging Project"
   testPlan="" >

     <!-- Description is wrapped in CDATA tags to allow you to insert HTML code if necessary -->
     <description><![CDATA[An IDE for C/C++ developers.]]></description>

     <!-- packageTesters is a list of the people that are testing the package -->
       <tester>Markus Knauer</tester>




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