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EPP/Obsolete/How to build a package locally

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How to Get Started?

  1. Download the EPP RCP package from the Eclipse Download page or another package that includes the PDE features
  2. Download the EPP Packaging Team Project Set and import the projects. It includes two projects:
    1. org.eclipse.epp.config with some demo configuration files
    2. org.eclipse.epp.packaging.core contains the EPP packager build applications that drives the build PDE packager
  3. Create a new EPP configuration file; a format description can be found in EPP/Configuration_File_Format
  4. Create a new launch configuration:
    1. Run > Run configurations... > Eclipse Application
    2. On the main tab, change 'Program to Run' to 'Run an application' and choose org.eclipse.epp.packaging.core.application
    3. On the arguments tab, add the full path to your EPP configuration file at the end of the program arguments
    4. Run the EPP build application

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