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EPP/Obsolete/Galileo Packages


  • All EPP Packages for the Galileo release are build from p2 repositories with the p2 director.
  • Every package is defined by
    • a feature
    • a branding plug-in
    • a epp.product file that is used to generate the EPP p2 repository
    • a eclipse_PACKAGENAME_galileo.xml file (the old EPP config file) that is used for generating the website only.
  • [currently] EPP p2 repository:

p2 Repositories

EPP uses the following p2 repositories:

Package Definition

Local Package Build

A local package build is the same as running the p2 director on the above p2 repositories and installing special root IU's from the repositories. Available root IU's: epp.package.cpp,, epp.package.jee, epp.package.modeling, epp.package.php, epp.package.pulsar, epp.package.rcp, epp.package.reporting.

Using the repositories

Using a local repository generated from the .product file

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