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EPIC Council Meeting 06Oct17

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Attended: Howard, Mike T, Nathan, Donald, Ian, Eric, Maher

  • Nathan led a discussion on usibility workgroup actions
  • Nathan to outline Degree of difficulty and priorities within plan with goal of approving for next team meeting
  • Member Visibility working group to meet on Wednesday
  • Integration with underway, Ian to follow up with more
  • Ratings - proxy activity to be recorded and assess if there is a problem
  • Promote rating feature to plugin users (link to EPIC ratings page for plugin)
  • Escalation path - currently we get an average escalation/complaint once a week regarding concerns with voting fraud, etc. Nathan to use mailing list and request for action - preference for reporter to post on mailing list.
  • Eclipse ad on JavaLobby (yesterday), and soon OnJava
  • Adsense campaign going well

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