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EPF Wiki User Guide

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If you have any questions about this guide or EPF Wiki please use the Eclipse Process Framework Project Developers List

Information on installing EPF Wiki is in EPF Wiki Installation Guide

Setup and Configuration

After you install EPF Wiki and you have started your Web server, you can access EPF Wiki using your Internet Browser. EPF Wiki will display a form where you can create the first, main administrator account.

The creation of this account, will also create a Wiki called 'Templates' which purpose is to provide templates for creating new pages to other Wikis. This special Wiki is not accessisble from the home page but you can find in the list of Wikis by selecting Manage from the home page.

A number of texts in EPF Wiki can be changed, you problably want to change them directly after creating the first account.

From the home page select Manage and then click your email adress displayed on the right side of the toolbar. This will display your account details and will present links to the texts you can change:

  • Welcome
  • About
  • Login
  • Help
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy

If you do not want a Terms of Use of Privacy Policy for your site you can clear those texts. This will also remove the links in the footer to these pages.

Creating and Updating Wikis

Wikis are created and updated using Baseline Processes. A Baseline Process is just a EPFC published site. To create one, select Manage > Sites > New Baseline Process.

You can create a Baseline Process from a server folder that contains a EPFC published site or you can upload a zip file containing a EPFC published site. It is recommended to upload your sites using FTP or SCP to the server folder and not use the upload functionality of the EPF Wiki web site because this puts a considerable load on the web server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure that a server folder or zip file does not contain sub folders. Or, put differently, make sure that index.htm is in the root of the folder you upload using FTP or SCP or is in the root of the zip file you upload.

Updating a Wiki

Editing Pages

Creating Pages

Harvesting Changes

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