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A goal of the Helio release for Pulsar is to support the ability to create 'mobile web' applications. Meaning how can mobile developers use Pulsar to create widget/browser style applications, typically using HTML, CSS and Javascript, for mobile devices. This section will document the roadmap discussion.

Meeting Minutes

Required Extension Points

Required Extension Points for Pulsar Mobile Web

Unique Features

Unique features supported for Mobile Web Developer

Require Eclipse Projects to Support Mobile Web

Eclipse projects to be included

Symbian Foundation Mobile Web Development Tools

Symbian is integrating components from JSDT, Chromium, and other open source projects to create open source tooling for JavaScript/Css/html developers for the Symbian WRT platform. Most of the work is specific to the Symbian platform, other Eclipse projects or other open source projects. Symbian is interested in collaborating with other tools providers on more generic mobile Web development solutions.

The Symbian project landing page is at [[1]]

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