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Berlin, Stockholm, Salzburg 5:00:00 PM UTC+1 hours
Helsinki (Finland) 6:00:00 PM UTC+2 hours
London (U.K.) 4:00:00 PM UTC+0 hour
San Francisco (U.S.A. - California) 8:00:00 AM UTC-8 hours
Sao Paulo (Brazil - São Paulo) 2:00:00 PM UTC-2 hours

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Dial-in Info

Toll free:

  • US: 1877 825 8522
  • UK: 0808 234 7914
  • Brazil: 0800 891 6634
  • Finland: 0800 11 6433
  • Sweden: 020 79 3867 or 020 088 4643

International Toll Number: US: +1 702 495 1500

Passcode: 9190565826 (CHANGED from last meeting!!)

Attendees (Tentative)

  • Eclipse Foundation (Ian Skerrett)
  • Motorola (Dino Brusco, Christian Kurzke, Gustavo, Eric Cloninger)
  • Nokia ([Rich Bartlett], Ronnie King (Carbide.c++) )
  • Craig Setera
  • RIM (Ken Wallis (eclipse team lead), Matt Whiteman, Adam Abramski, Cassidy Gentle)
  • Sony Ericsson (Thomas Westing)
  • Intel (Bob Spencer (OSS technologies, MobLin architect)
  • Genuitec (Wayne Parrott, Maher Masri, Todd Williams) project Firefly
  • Mark Rogalski (eRCP Project)

(Roll Call)

Proposed Agenda

Review of the Agenda

(anyone have some last minute Agenda items)

Review of Work since last call

Mobile Tools for Java Device Support

There is an ongoing discussion about "Extension Points to register devices", see:

How this relates to the MADK:

  * The proposed "discovery and download" of vendor SDK's could use this mechanism to register devices which are supported by this SDK.
  * Without such a functionality, the MADK has no "official and documented" API to perform this functionality.

Members of the EMIWG are encouraged to review and participate in this discussion on the MTJ mailing list.

As a side-note: This proposed Extension Point will modify the API of MTJ, and has possible impact on a 1.0 release schedule. There is a risk that with current resources in MTJ project this change cannot be included in Galileo train release.

Evaluation of alternative Eclipse Packaging mechanisms

Contacted Ian/Doug/Bjorn at the Foundation to find out details about the Eclipse Packaging Project. According to Foundation, the code is currently not in active development. Plans to re-activate project in spring timeframe.

When further investigating, it seems the EPP project had a different focus, and would actually create packages OF Eclipse, not FOR Eclipse.

Most promising avenue is currently using straight P2 Mechanism, see more at:


Road Map Work Items

Evaluate Mobile Device fragmentation topics

Upcoming Events

Next Steps, Action Items

Next Meeting

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