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Meeting Logistics


Berlin, Stockholm, Salzburg 5:00:00 PM UTC+1 hours
Helsinki (Finland) 6:00:00 PM UTC+2 hours
London (UK) 4:00:00 PM UTC+0 hour
San Francisco (USA. - California) 8:00:00 AM UTC-8 hours
Sao Paulo (Brazil - São Paulo) 2:00:00 PM UTC-2 hours

Click here for Complete Listing of World Clock Timezones.

Dial-in Info

Toll free:

  • US & Canada: 1877 825 8522
  • UK: 0808 234 7914
  • Brazil: 0800 891 6634
  • Finland: 0800 11 6433
  • Sweden: 020 79 3867 or 020 088 4643
  • More international call-in Numbers, see: EMIWG/InternationalDialInNumbers

International Toll Number: US: +1 702 495 1500

Passcode: 9190565826


  • Motorola (Christian Kurzke, Diego)
  • Nokia (Ronnie King)
  • RIM (Jon Dearden)
  • Symbian (Paul Beusterien + 1)
  • Eclipse Foundation (Ian)

Project representatives:

  • MTJ: Diego Sandin,


Roll Call and Review of the Agenda (5 Minutes)

Previous action items from last call?

Web technologies session

Sequoyah project move

Eric/Marcel? - Progress of Source Code move?

Sequoiah mailing list idle.

Pulsar P2 update Code

Diego? - clarify on actions needed for Mylin integration Ronnie - Headcount available for implementation?

Restart conversation on this. Get started in MTJ repo for now. Diego coordinate with David (via Ronnie). Look into Mylyn conectors for this.

  • Restart committer status nomination
  • MTJ, add to list for Sequoiay

Pulsar Packaging

Representative in EPP calls, Milestone builds? (Anyone?)

Eclipse Conference 2010

Progress on panel session for EMIWG/Pulsar? (Eric Cloninger) - DougS & EricC organize Panel for Mobile - Breakfast Meeting for Pulsar - BOF for EMIWG & MTJ

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