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Face to Face meeting at EclipseCon 2010


  • Motorola (Christian Kurzke, Eric Cloninger, Ruth, Daniel Franco, Guilherme)
  • Nokia (Ronnie King, Gorkem (lead ERCP), Warren Paul)
  • RIM (Adam Abramski, Jon Dearden, Ken Wallis)
  • Symbian (Paul Beusterien)
  • Eclipse Foundation (Ian, Doug Schaeffer)

Project representatives:

  • MTJ: Christian Kurzke
  • Sequoyah: Eric Cloninger
  • CDT: Doug Schaeffer
  • ERCP: Gorkem


Roll Call and Review of the Agenda (5 Minutes)

Pulsar review of scope

In the 2009 review, we had 3 main topics: MTJ, CDT and WebTooling, from which we accomplished the MTJ package.

Due to significant changes in the mobile landscape, we should refocus. maybe:

  • Java (incl. J2ME, RIM, Android)
  • Native (Symbian, Android Native, Meego?)
  • Web (Symbian Web UI, etc.)

Ronnie: Should we maintain the focus of Pulsar on a "product".

DougS: proposed a new "mobile" Platform focused plugin fest.

John D: What is our long-term goal, are we creating products or frameworks.

Ian: Successful example: Eclipse "Team Provider" Framework

Ken: Pulsar is solving a too "high level" problem, common code is not used enough. Pulsar should be more of a "portal"

EricC: Who creates a product?: RIM, not strongly branded bundled, and includes a update site. Motodev Studio, installer & update site, Nokia: similar, branded tool.

Driving Commonality

what would member companies want from Pulsar

Nokia: Interest in MTJ (for S40) and Native Symbian development. Also discussons with Meego.

  • interest in Native, C++ development:
    • Project Build (signing, multiple targets),
    • Discovery of devices (over BT, USB, wifi, etc),
    • Publishing to developer portals
    • tooling around Meego
  • MTJ
    • MIDP 3 support, which would include CDC support

Symbian Foundation:

  • Native - similar to Nokia.
  • Web Tooling
    • Symbian is looking to fund development of a Web Development environment
      • Chrominum based, support development cycle including packaging, deploy, debug, etc.
    • very cross platform.
    • Ian reached out to JIL (no interest) and BONDI (curious)

Sony Ericsson:

  • currently doesnt have a branded product
  • interest to improve Android Tooling
    • e.g. Profiling, Code coverage, UI development


  • Java
    • J2ME+Rim
  • Web
    • Widgets (packaged HTML/Javascript) packaging, deployment
    • First class application on device
    • shares packaging, signing, etc. (not using MTJ components, but uses legacy RIM code)
    • uses JSDT, XUL runner
    • has proprietary debugging protocol between JavaScript engine and IDE (emulator working, device planned)
  • implementing JIL, own widgets are W3C inspired


Android Tooling

  • Native Build, Packaging
  • possible Flash/Air will be of interest
  • managing Device Specific SDK add-ons
    • sub-SDK level, API package level
  • common launch config
  • static code analysis (possibly with Sony Ericsson)

Possible common features

  • Possible SDK management
  • Signing
  • Common UI code/Frameworks for common tasks
    • Could possibly be shared from WTP project, which already has abstractions / connectors to server infrastructure


We need a high level (~18 - 24 month?) goal which we go towards.

Android / Java seems like a high importance

  • How is Android different?
    • JDT is focal

Roadmap / Architecture

Ronnie: We should have domain experts for 3 areas: Native, Java, Web. Each expert (team) should address - name desired shared functionality

DougS: Identify Missing vs. Duplicate "stuff".

Ronnie: Bring back REQUIREMENTS to working group - e.g. in 1 month: Granularity - e.g. "Easy device Discovery"

PItch by John Dearden, RIM: Block Diagram of proposed Architecture for Java/Web/Native and common. -> John to share on mailing list

Can we review John's slides, Christian to set up Google Docs account and share Johns slides online. Ian: Goal - Review, feedback in 2 weeks from now.

Overview of Sequoyah


  • Created a new project as a hope for new Mobile code
  • Moved code from TML into this, removed the "linux" barrier.
  • Pulsar PAckage SDK discovery has been moved over. Build scripts are updated and Helios codebase.
  • Pulsar Package builds now use Sequoyah Components.

Committers: Motorola: EricC, Daniel Pastori, Marcel Gorri Action item: Establish committers from Nokia and RIM.

Nokia will donate Mylin discovery components. By M7 (April 30th) will use Mylin discovery connector. otherwise fall back is the M6 functionality Ian to assist the IP review. Eric to initiate Committer proposal for David (Nokia committer)

-> this will impact the Meta Data. Possibly update Metadata generator tool Will need buy-in from SDK vendors.

Pulsar Helios Release

SDK vendors will need to confirm the SDK location, and "works with Helios". Can use the current Milestone M6 to test.

Future Meetings

Maintain bi-weekly calls, re-focus on establishing a long term roadmap

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