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Conference Call


  • Ian Skerrett - Eclipse Foundation
  • Craig Setera
  • Paul Beusterien - Symbian Foundation
  • Daniel Pastore - Eldorado
  • Ruth Soliani - Eldorado
  • Jon Dearden - RIMM
  • Ken Wallis - RIMM
  • Mark Rogalski - RIMM
  • Gorkem Ercan - Nokia
  • Ronnie King - Nokia

Project representatives:

  • Doug Scheafer - CDT
  • Eric Cloninger - Sequoyah


Roll Call and Review of the Agenda (5 Minutes)

  • Question : Is Sequoyah the main vehicle project for Pulsar?
  • Item : Eric - build chain is different, but mostly Java

Review of Pulsar Architecture Proposal Feedback

Common Architecture

  • No concerns raised from the group

Eclipse for Mobile Web

  • Question : Jon - How does the Symbian Foundation proposal compare to the W3C?

Eclipse for Mobile Java

  • Comment : The build support, project, and project nature support are not the same in this area. Would need to be consolidated, or merged?
  • Comment : Pre-processing was not on the list
  • Overall, no concerns

Eclipse for Mobile Native

  • Discussed the additions from Nokia & Symbian Foundation
  • Identified the TCF components not included in the 1.0 proposal, change later

Symbian Foudation Web Tools Proposal

Helios Release

Sequoyah Status

MTJ Status

  • Project has completed the necessary updates to reach the Helios release train (Kudo's to Gustav and others for pulling this in!)
  • Gorkem Ercam from Nokia will take over project lead duties for the interim

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