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STRATEGY Meeting Logistics


San Francisco (USA. - California) 8:00:00 AM UTC-8 hours

Click here for Complete Listing of World Clock Timezones.

Dial-in Info

Toll free:

  • US & Canada: 1877 825 8522
  • UK: 0808 234 7914
  • Brazil: 0800 891 6634
  • Finland: 0800 11 6433
  • Sweden: 020 79 3867 or 020 088 4643
  • More international call-in Numbers, see: EMIWG/InternationalDialInNumbers

International Toll Number: US: +1 702 495 1500

Passcode: 9190565826

Attendees (Preliminary)

  • Motorola (Dino Brusco, Christian Kurzke, Gustavo Paula, Eric Cloninger)
  • Nokia (Ronnie King (Carbide.c++), Gorkem Ercan )
  • Craig Setera
  • RIM (Ken Wallis (eclipse team lead), Matt Whiteman, Adam Abramski, Cassidy Gentle)
  • Sony Ericsson (Thomas Westing)
  • Genuitec (Wayne Parrott, Todd Williams) project Firefly
  • IBM/eRCP (Mark Rogalski)

Proposed Agenda

Roll Call and Review of the Agenda (5 Minutes)

(anyone have some last minute Agenda items)


Update from the technical work stream (Gustavo)


Update on MADK from Gustavo

  • APIs for Quickstart packaging

Review F2F Meeting Agenda


Press Release Announcing EMIWG

Proposals for Names (MADK, MIWG) Update from Ian

Creation of a EMIWG Marketing Calendar

* OSIM, Mar 11-12; San Francisco - Good event for EMIWG Announcement
* MobileConnect, Mar 10-13, Santa Clara?
* EclipseCon 2009

Best Practices

Should we have a EMIWG Micro Site

Should we have MADK Test Suites

Should we have MADK "Mobile Plugin Provider" program?

Action Items

Next Meeting

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