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EMF Search---Misc SearchBased Tooling

Open Ecore EClass Dialog

A filtered dialog allows to open EClass like Open Java Type Does (Alt + Shift + M).

EMF Search Open EClass Filtered Dialog

Open Ecore EPackage Dialog

A filtered dialog allows to open EPackage like JDT Does Not ;-) (Alt + Shift + P).

EMF Search Open EPackage Filtered Dialog

Open UML2 Class Dialog

A filtered dialog exists as well to open UML2 Classes (Alt + Shift + K).

EMF Search Open UML Classes Filtered Dialog

Open UML2 Package

A filtered dialog is also available to open UML2 Packages (Alt + Shift + K).

EMF Search Open UML Package Filtered Dialog

Ecore Diagram EReference Resolution

Users may be interested in knowing an EClass/EDatatype is referenced somewhere ... maybe in many different ecore models

Ecore EReferences query

Results are displayed hierarchically

Ecore EReferences query results

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