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== Update site kinds ==
== Update site uses ==
The '''releases''' update site :
The '''releases''' update site :
* contains the release (GA) and the service release (SR): GA, SR1, SR2 ;
* contains the release (GA) and the service release (SR): GA, SR1, SR2 ;

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Update site uses

The releases update site :

  • contains the release (GA) and the service release (SR): GA, SR1, SR2 ;
  • must be used by all the regular users.

The milestones update sites:

  • contain the milestones and release candidates: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4 (=GA), SR1 RC1, SR1 RC2, SR1 RC3, SR1 RC4 (=SR1), SR2 RC1, SR2 RC2, SR2 RC3, SR2 RC4 (=SR2) ;
  • must be used by the other Eclipse projects' build (release and milestone) ;
  • are referred by Indigo b3aggrcon file and Juno b3aggrcon file.

The nightly update sites:

  • contain the build of the SVN head ;
  • can be used to test a not yet released fix of a bug ;
  • must not be used to build any product ;
  • should be used by integration builds of the other release train members a few days before the milestones and release candidates to detect bugs or regressions.

For EMF Facet developers only

Those update sites must not used by the users. They are refereed here only to have an complete documentation of the EMF Facet update sites.


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EMF Facet uses the MoDisco Developer Guide.


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