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EMF DiffMerge/Developer

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Set up development environment

You can use the Eclipse Installer to get a fully configured development environment for EMF DiffMerge.

  • Most Eclipse Products should be ok, we tested with Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers.
  • Simply check the Eclipse Projects / EMF DiffMerge in the Projects view to set up the Core and all components (Co-Evolution, Patch, Patterns).
    • If you only want to set up Core, uncheck the subprojects of the components or double-click on the parent instead of using the check box.
    • The Core component will always be included even when selecting a single subproject (e.g. Patterns).
    • Each component can be set up individually and should also work in any combination.

Other information

Content TBD. Information regarding source code management, builds, coding standards, and more.

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