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EMF Compare/Roadmap


Long Term

EMF Compare's focus is on providing a powerful, stable and proven framework for model comparison and merging. The API should be usable in any context from the plain Java application to the complete IDE customization.

Framework Enhancements

  • per namespace MatchEngine selection and dynamic switching instead of per file extension one Match Engine.
  • 2 ways and 3 ways merge robustness
  • High Performances during matching phase
  • Match/Diff/Merge on elements not contained in a EMF Resource.
  • MatchModel maintenance on incremental changes
  • DiffModel maintenance on incremental changes
  • Re-Usable Comparison UI Component
  • Undo/Redo support in comparison editor
  • ChangeModel to DiffModel and DiffModel to ChangeModel

Tooling Enhancements

  • Integration with the Team Model Synchronization UI
  • Generating a Custom Match Engine from Ecore Annotations.




Released bits

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