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EMF Compare/Roadmap


Long Term

EMF Compare's focus is on providing a powerful, stable and proven framework for model comparison and merging. The API should be usable in any context from the plain Java application to the complete IDE customization.

Framework Enhancements

= per namespace MatchEngine selection and dynamic switching

Right now EMF compare allows adopters to define specific match or diff engines associated with file extensions. As EMF is more and more broadly used we often encounter cases where a given file contains model elements conformed to several Ecore models.

A MatchEngine (and respectively Diff Engine) should be associated with one or several EPackages and not with the serialization mechanism. Furthermore that would require the Match process in general to be able to switch from a MatchEngine to another depending on the elements it is matching.

2 ways and 3 ways merge robustness =

We have a bunch of issues reported by the adopters about the merge support, we need to work on building a strong test basis to make sure the merge is perfect in any kind of scenarios for instance fragmented models, scoped matching ...

High Performances during matching phase

The matching phase is critical for performances, several optimization could be done (some being addressed by the Google Summer of Code 2010).

Match/Diff/Merge on elements not contained in a EMF Resource

The framework can be used on any kind of EObjects, but as historically it was about providing model comparison support for file based models many parts of the code are making assumptions about a resource being there or not.

We should build a strong test basis with eObjects not being in resources, being compared and merged.

  • MatchModel maintenance on incremental changes

  • DiffModel maintenance on incremental changes
  • Re-Usable Comparison UI Component
  • Undo/Redo support in comparison editor
  • ChangeModel to DiffModel and DiffModel to ChangeModel

Tooling Enhancements

  • Integration with the Team Model Synchronization UI
  • Generating a Custom Match Engine from Ecore Annotations.




Released bits




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