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(UI: new labels for conflicts)
(New Logical Model View (available since nightly 2014-11-06))
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* Items can be displayed as list or tree (change representation via toolbar).
!  List
!  Tree
| [[Image:EMF_Compare_LogicalModelView_List.png]]
| [[Image:EMF_Compare_LogicalModelView_Tree.png]]
=== Feature XXX ===
=== Feature XXX ===

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EMF Compare


Handle FeatureMap differences (available since nightly 2014-07-08)

  • Detects addition/deletion of a value for a given key of a map.
  • Detects key change for a given value of a map.
  • Detects move of a value inside a map (the key stays the same).
  • Detects move of a value inside a map (the key changes).
  • Detects move of a value from a map to another (the key stays the same).
  • Detects move of a value from a map to another (the key changes).
  • Add a new filter to hide feature map changes that has related reference changes. With EMF Ecore models, features of type EFeatureMapEntry are linked with EReferences via ExtendedMetaData (see the EMF Library example for more details). Here is a partial view of the EMF Ecore Library model showing a feature of type EFeatureMapEntry (people) and its EReferences associated (employees, borrowers)
EMFCompare Library FeatureMap 04.png

So, for example, the addition of a new Employee in the library will modify the reference employees but also the map people. With EMF Compare, the comparison will detect two changes, one on the employees reference and one on the people map. These two differences are equivalent. If you merge one, the other will be merged too. The filter allows to hide the changes on the map, and so reduce the number of changes displayed in the viewer.

    • With filter active

EMFCompare Library FeatureMap 01.png

    • With filter inactive

EMFCompare Library FeatureMap 02.png

    • With filter inactive, and a difference on the map selected: the associated difference on the reference is highlighted in green (this mean that in case of merge, the difference on the reference will be merged too).

EMFCompare Library FeatureMap 03.png

UI: new contextual menu on differences (available since nightly 2014-09-26)

  • If you do a right-click on a difference in the viewer, a contextual menu now offers you to merge the selected difference. These actions are the same than those in the toolbar.
    • With local models

EMFCompare ContextualMenu Differences.png

    • With a read-only side (comparison with EGit)

EMFCompare ContextualMenu Differences 02.png

UI: Expand group on double-click (available since nightly 2014-09-26)

  • In the viewer, a double-click on a group now expands it to the second level of depth.

EMFCompare Group DoubleClick 01.png EMFCompare Group DoubleClick 02.png

UI: new labels for conflicts (available since nightly 2014-10-10)

  • In the viewer, the conflicts group items have been enhanced. The label shows the total number of conflicted differences under the group and the number of conflicted differences still unresolved. When all differences under a group have been resolved, the group label switch as resolved and its icon turned into gray.
Before After (unresolved) After (resolved)
EMF Compare Conflicts Label Old.png EMF Compare Conflicts Label New.png EMF Compare Conflicts Label New 02.png

Three-way merging multi-line String attributes (available since nightly 2014-10-28)

  • EMF Compare now checks whether concurrent changes applied to multi-line String attributes can be merged automatically using a three-way line-based merge algorithm, as used in Git. Only if such concurrent changes cannot be merged automatically, EMF Compare will raise a conflict. Otherwise, changes to multi-line String attributes will be merged automatically.

New Logical Model View (available since nightly 2014-11-06)

The EMF Compare Logical Model View allows to see, for a given model (or set of models), the resulting logical model computed by EMF Compare.

  • When you click on a model in the Package Explorer view or the Project Explorer view, or the focus is on an opened model editor, then the Logical Model view shows this model and all models linked with this one.

EMF Compare LogicalModelView.png

  • Items can be displayed as list or tree (change representation via toolbar).
List Tree
EMF Compare LogicalModelView List.png EMF Compare LogicalModelView Tree.png

Feature XXX

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Bug Fixes

XXX Bugs and XXX enhancement requests were closed


The following XXXX developers worked on this release:

Mikaël Barbero, Cédric Brun, Philip Langer, Laurent Goubet, Axel Richard, Arthur Daussy.

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