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EMF Compare/New and Noteworthy/1.0.0

Galileo Release

ResourceSet-Wide Comparison

EMF Compare is now able to compare a whole resourceset, meaning a model having links to other models will be properly compared and (when possible) linked models will be retrieved from the your SCM history.


EPatch for models

When you diff two models you're now able to export those as an EPatch model which is self contained, and that you can re-apply or un-apply later on.

The EPatch model is associated with a Textual Syntax thanks to XText so that you can edit it easily.


Draft Graphical Modelers Integration

A first implementation of a graphical modeler integration is provided, it is showing the semantic differences in the graphical notation changing the colors.


Fragmented Resources support

EMF Compare now supports model fragments, just split your models !

Comparison Engine Selection

EMF Compare as been designed as extensible and as such you can provide your own match or diff engines. The process of selecting which match or diff engine used to be an automatic one, but you can now select yourself, on demand, which match and diff engine you want to use.

New changes detection

Reference order changes are now detected (if the EReference is specified as "Ordered").

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