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(Next Meeting: 5th of July 2009)
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== Next Meeting: 5th of July 2009 ==
== Next Meeting: 5th of July 2009 11am CEST ==
Meeting details to be announced
== 30th of June 2009  ==
== 30th of June 2009  ==

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Next Meeting: 5th of July 2009 11am CEST

Meeting details to be announced

30th of June 2009


  • Boris Gruschko (SAP)
  • Jan Köhnlein (itemis)
  • Bernd Kolb (SAP)
  • Christian Mohr (SAP)
  • Martin Strenge (SAP)

SAP presented their latest API proposal.

  • XDescriptors are replaced by XResults as they are only relevant as query results.
  • XResults reference each other only by URI.
  • M2 information is treated the same way as M1 information, i.e. no more explicit EClass/EReference/EPackage entries
  • Indexing has been generified: User data has been removed from Resource and EObject entries as well as displayName.

Discussion on user data


  • We need domain-specific information in the index for efficient querying in domain-specific tools, e.g. for fully qualified names.
  • We should not have to load resources to match such queries.


  • Any additional information is consuming much memory.
  • Only scopes offered by the index are resource and eclass scopes, as the experience shows these are sufficient to limit the amount of resources to be loaded for matching the query.
  • Not clear how index is kept in sync when to user info is derived information.
  • Not clear how two applications who's responsible for indexing when two apps require different user data on the same metamodel.
  • Higher level queries - such as the domain specific ones - are treated on the EMF Query level.

SAP shows their ideas on EMF Query, based on their  MQL (MOIN Query Language)

There seems to be a different understanding on the architecture of a domain-specific tool


  • Domain-specifically configurable EMF Index is used directly.
  • Different backends for different model storage technologies (DB, filesystem, ...)


  • EMF Index is generic
  • EMF Index mainly used to make EMF Queries more efficient in the absence of a DB

Next steps:

  • Inform all stakeholders, collect requirements and decide on the API based on that.
  • Propose Christian and Martin as committers

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