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EMF/MQ, MT, and VF 1.1/New and Noteworthy

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EMFT Query, Transaction, and Validation Release 1.1 New and Noteworthy Items.

For more details about the milestone-by-milestone development plan, see the 1.1 draft plan.

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1.1 M4

Multiple Results from one Validation Constraint

A single constraint can now report multiple results, for different but related problems in one or more model elements. New utilities on the ConstraintStatus class make it easy to create multiple results and combine them into a single multi-status (which also is an IConstraintStatus.

Multiple results from one constraint

Removing Resources from Transactional Editing Domains

Resources and model elements can now be safely removed from the grip of a transactional editing domain. New utilities on the TransactionUtil class allow a resource or object that has already been detached from the editing domain's resource set to be released from the "transaction protocol." This is particularly useful when the resource/object in question is to be moved into another resource set context, which may or may not be controlled by a transactional editing domain.

Other Bug Fixes

For other bug fixes, see the Query, Transaction, and Validation 1.1 M4 release notes.

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