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EMF/Generating Dynamic Ecore from XML Schema

Generating Ecore using from XML Schema
In this Wiki document, i have tried to document the steps involved in Generating Ecore using XML Schema and loading a appropriate XML File into the Model.

  1. Convert a given XSD into Ecore
  2. Load an XML into the generated Ecore
  3. Display the loaded Model using a TreeViewer

For this code to execute, you need to include the following plugins as dependencies

  • org.eclipse.emf.ecore
  • org.eclipse.xsd
  • org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi
  • org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui

Convert a XSD into Ecore

The following code snippet would enable you to load an existing XSD and convert it into an Ecore.

    XSDEcoreBuilder xsdEcoreBuilder = new XSDEcoreBuilder();
    ResourceSet resourceSet = new ResourceSetImpl();
    Collection eCorePackages = xsdEcoreBuilder.generate(URI.createFileURI("D:/model/example.xsd"));

Note: Running this code could get you a nullPointerException or schemaFileNotFoundException. This is due to a ever popular Crimsom DOM bug. Please refer to the following link to find a workaround to this problem. Manifestation of Crimsom DOM Bug

Load an XML into the Ecore

    HashMap options = new HashMap();
    options.put(XMLResource.OPTION_EXTENDED_META_DATA, Boolean.TRUE);
    Resource resource = resourceSet.createResource(URI.createFileURI("D:/model/example.xml"));

Display using a TreeViewer

    List factories = new ArrayList();
    factories.add(new ResourceItemProviderAdapterFactory());
    factories.add(new ReflectiveItemProviderAdapterFactory());
    ComposedAdapterFactory adapterFactory = new ComposedAdapterFactory();

    TreeViewer tViewer = new TreeViewer(parent);
    tViewer.setContentProvider(new AdapterFactoryContentProvider(adapterFactory);
    tViewer.setLabelProvider(new AdapterFactoryContentProvider(adapterFactory);

Further Reading
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