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EMF/EMF 2.6/Header Comments


In EMF 2.6, the header templates have been modified, affecting the comment generated at the top of each source file in the case where copyright text has been specified in the GenModel. This change was recorded as bug 282172 and first appears in the M1 milestone build.


Previously, the header templates included a $Id$ CVS tag that resulted in such a tag being generated at the top of all Java, properties, and XML files, whether or not copyright text was manually specified in the GenModel. Users not using CVS, or wanting to generate different (or no) CVS tags into their code, were forced to use dynamic templates.

The header templates have now been modified so that this tag is only generated by default, in the case where no custom copyright text is specified. This provides users complete control over the comments generated atop their source files.


This change only affects users who do specify copyright text in their GenModel. In this case, newly generated files will not include the $Id$ tag in the header comment. To ensure that the tag is still generated, users can add it to their copyright text.

In merging, any changes to the header comment resulting from regeneration are ignored. This has always allowed users to modify the header comment manually and regenerate without losing their changes. As a result, existing files, whether regenerated with or without copyright text specified, are not affected by this change.

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