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EMF/EMF 2.4/New and Noteworthy


EMF 2.4 (available as part of Ganymede and also separately on the EMF site, contains a number of important and long-awaited features, changes, and enhancements.


  • Support for Content Types
  • Applications using EMF can now register its resources using content types
  • Content types in EMF can be used both in stand-alone and Eclipse based applications. For the latter, it integrates seamless with Eclipse’s content type support
  • A new role for URIConverters
  • In addition to the creation of input and output streams for URIs, URIConverters now support several operations, including deletion, and timestamp and existence queries
  • Easier integration with REST applications
  • Easier customization via URIHandlers
  • Support for Data Binding
  • EMF now provides the hooks to easily integrate instances of Ecore models and Eclipse’s data binding API
  • Terrific example of the community stepping up to provide an important feature
  • Installable Examples
  • The EMF examples can now be installed to the workspace via wizards located under Eclipse’s “Example” category
  • Several performance and usability improvements, including
  • Support for defining the fonts and colors on Item Providers
  • Binary serialization and deserialization

More information

The EMF project uses dynamically-generated release notes, using Bugzilla and CVS data to create accurate lists of bugs closed in each build. This also allows developers and users to see what files were changed for each bug, by who, and when. For details on how this is done, see Search CVS. You can also read about bleeding edge changes between builds, or see the EMF Wiki Category for EMF 2.4-specific documents.

Note: this page is a Should Do requirement for participation in Ganymede.

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