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EMF/EMF 2.3/New and Noteworthy

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EMF 2.3 (available as part of Europa and also separately on the EMF site, contains a number of important and long-awaited features, changes, and enhancements.


The first major change in EMF 2.3 is to support Java 5:

  • Java 5 concepts and features can now be exploited in models.
  • Generics are now fully supported in EMF's metamodel, Ecore, and in the EMF code generator.
  • Other important Java 5 language features are also supported, including:
  • enumerated types,
  • annotations, and
  • the enhanced for loop.
  • Developers still have the option to generate JVM 1.4-compatible code, which can be run on the EMF 2.2 runtime. Please note these JVM Requirements.

In addition, the following are new or improved:

  • New Ecore model validation;
  • Ant support for code generation based on annotated Java interfaces;
  • Reference keys, which provide a more robust alternative to the default index-based reference serialization;
  • Fine-grain features, to allow use of a smaller EMF core runtime in products build on EMF; and
  • EMF Code Merge has been changed.

More information

The EMF project uses dynamically-generated release notes, using Bugzilla and CVS data to create accurate lists of bugs closed in each build. This also allows developers and users to see what files were changed for each bug, by who, and when. For details on how this is done, see Search CVS. You can also read about bleeding edge changes between builds, or see the EMF Wiki Category for EMF 2.3-specific documents.

Note: this page is a Should Do requirement for participation in Europa.

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