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EIG:Install TimeService Tutorial into Apache Karaf


See the Building your first OSGi Remote Services Tutorial to understand how to design and build this example.

Prior to running this tutorial you must install ECF Remote Services into your Karaf server.

Exporting the Remote Service with Karaf

To export the remote time service host with Apache Karaf simply install the timeservice host example feature

feature:install -v ecf-remoteservices-examples-timeservice-host

This will install two bundles: the timeservice API bundle (com.mycorp.examples.timeservice) and the timeservice host bundle ( When Karaf start these bundles, they are exported, and will produce the following output on console


The output after the EXPORT_REGISTRATION indicates that the TimeService has been exported as a remote service and is ready for remote consumer discovery and usage.

For reference, this output is produced by the TimeService Examples Host activator class

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