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EIG:Download Source Code

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Download Source Code

ECF uses the git revision control system. You need to install git before you can get the sources. Installing git from Eclipse is described on the EGit project page [1]. Once completed, open the "Git Repository Exploring" perspective.

Copy this link in your clipboard "git://". Then open the "Git Repositories" view and press the "Clone a Git repository .." button in the toolbar of the view as depicted below.

EIG getting source 01.png

This will start a wizard:

EIG getting source 02.png

Make sure the repository is filled correctly in and press Next>.

EIG getting source 03.png

Press "Deselect All" and select the "master" branch and press Next>.

EIG getting source 04.png

Select a local directory to clone the repository and press finish.

Browsing the Source Tree

EIG getting source 05.png

After installation, the source repository will show in the "Git Repositories" view. Right click on the "Working Directory" node to import projects into the workspace.

Open the source repository

 This is a project set file.  Save the project set file to your local disk and then import to get into your Eclipse workspace.  For anonymous CVS access:


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