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Proposed Hackaton on EGit, Gerrit, Mylyn Reviews/Versions in Fall 2011

We could have another hackaton-week on EGit, Gerrit, Mylyn Reviews/Versions in September or early October. Looking for interested hackers and for a week we could meet. We could organize it again in Walldorf, Germany at SAP HQ.

If you want to participate visit the poll and put your name in the week(s) you could participate.

Add topics you would like to work on during the hackaton to this list:

  • Task based workflow with EGit and Mylyn (Manuel)
  • Gerrit connector enhancements, Gerrit 2.2 support for Mylyn Reviews (Steffen, Sascha)
  • improve EGit/JGit performance and memory consumption (Matthias, Dariusz)
    • centralize IndexDiff handling for all views needing git status based on staging view implementation
    • improve eventing in JGit/EGit to fix decorator performance on large repos
    • use Java 7 to improve JGit performance (as an optional feature), see Bug 353771
  • support non-workspace files in Workspace presentation model in synchronize view (Dariusz)
  • integrate Git Change Set model with mylyn (Dariusz)


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