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* Cloning
* Cloning
** Can select a <a href="">git bundle file</a> to clone from.
** Can select a [ git bundle file] to clone from.

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  • Diff Editor
    • Menus/Hyperlinks: show commit ID, commit message in tooltip on newer Eclipse platform versions (>= 4.14)
    • Outline: collapse all, compact tree
    • Quick outline
  • Repositories View
    • Tag filtering; describe pattern syntax (substring, wildcards allowed, ^ and $ anchors; #<number>)
  • API
    • org.eclipse.egit.ui.RepositoriesViewClone command newly has a command parameter "repositoryUri". The value should be a string containing a clone URI. The command opens the clone wizard, if repositoryUri is set, it is used to pre-fill the dialog from the given clone URI. If the value cannot be parsed as a URI, it is silently ignored.

Other Changes

EGit 5.8 includes lots of less noticeable improvements in the UI, plus a number of bug fixes. The complete list of new features and bug fixes is available in the release notes.


The following X developers worked on this release:

<TBD: list of contributors, number>

See Also

See also the new features in JGit for additional information.

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