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EGit/New and Noteworthy/3.4

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  • Add ability to edit a commit directly from the history view.
  • Add ability to reword a commit directly from the history view.
  • Enable creating a new git repository in a non-empty folder
  • Honor "branch.<name>.mergeoptions" to set merge defaults
  • Add a flag in the create stash dialog to allow including untracked changes in a stash
  • Enable staging view for submodule repositories
  • Add compare mode to CompareTreeView
  • Provide extensibility for suggesting branch names

Usability Improvements

  • Fix Package Explorer text colors on dark theme
  • Provide an option to fetch from Gerrit without checking out the branch
  • Action buttons in interactive rebase view toggle
  • Double click on commit in interactive rebase view opens commit viewer
  • Allow to move multiple commits simultaneously in interactive rebase view
  • Provide "Show in History" in toolbar of commit viewer
  • Show first line of commit message in editor tooltip of commit viewer
  • Store the commit message edited in staging view on Eclipse shutdown
  • Allow to disable logical model from preferences
  • Use more space-efficient labels on commits with multiple tags in history view
  • Warn when switching branches and a launch is running for the repo
  • Offer to reset to a reflog entry via the context menu in reflog view
  • Enable "Push to Upstream" when default remote has push spec
  • Pre-fill branch name of upstream config if available in "Push Branch" dialog
  • Add "Open workspace version" to context menu of the compare editor
  • Check for uncommitted changes before pull with rebase strategy
  • Check for uncommitted changes before rewording commits.
  • Check for uncommitted changes before squashing commits.
  • Don't ask for merge mode per default when opening merge tool
  • Allow canceling the commit operation after save-during-commit
  • Sort refs in the 'Switch To' menu in natural order

Performance Improvements

  • Only fetch when synchronizing with remote-tracking branch
  • Only sample the progress when computing the compare tree view
  • Accelerate calculation of content of CompareTreeView.

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update Luna target platform to Orbit release R20140525021250
  • Update build to use Tycho 0.20.0
  • Add script to create EGit release

Bug Fixes

72 Bugs and 14 enhancement requests were closed


The following 16 developers worked on this release:

Andrea Guarinoni, Andreas Hermann, Arthur Daussy, Christian Georgi, Christian Halstrick, Gerd Zanker, Konrad Kügler, Laurent Goubet, Maik Schreiber, Marc Khouzam, Matthias Sohn, Michael Keppler, Robin Rosenberg, Robin Stocker, Stefan Lay, Tomasz Zarna

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